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Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England

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"There is a place where my heart can
rest and my soul feels at peace...
that place is Home

Behind every front door is
a story of people’s lives…






Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer, helps you to experience and understand the correlation between your 'inner home' and the external home where you live.  The aim is to inspire and empower people to find clarity and success in all aspects of life. .

Working together with the spatial energy of the building, I will guide you to sense and feel the vibration of your home. These hidden energies affect our health, wealth and relationships; whether we are aware of them or not.

My approach to aligning our connection to where we live embodies a unique blend of scientific and esoteric skills, fusing intuitive insight with disciplines such as Feng Shui and various energy processes. This powerful healing transformation enhances buildings and improves peoples’ lives simply by bringing them into resonance with their surroundings.

Do you feel at home where you live?

Did you choose your home or did it choose you?

Does your home serve and support you or does it make you sick?

Are you suffering from geopathic stress?

Does the atmosphere of your home hold trauma from past residents?

Are you sharing your home with 'invisible others'?

Do you yearn for your heart to be at peace?



* House Whispering

* Healing Homes & Business Premises

* Space 'Clearing' & Alignment'

* Personal Consultations .

* Equine & Animal Healing

I can work with you on an individual, family or team basis to clarify and resolve issues or problems that you may be experiencing in your personal home and family life or workplace, resulting in significant change and improvement.

As an architect, having carried out over 1200 home and business consultations, in 31 countries in the last 20 years, I am enable to offer guidance based upon grounded experience and positive success with people in relation to buildings, particularly their home and work spaces.

"There is a direct correlation between your environment and your success in life."

”The act of altering the physical and emotional space in which we live and work is a powerful generator of change."











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My experience encompasses 44 years as an Architect and Interior Designer (including 33 UK Airport Interior Design Projects, 333 Indian Restaurants), working with and understanding the intrinsic relationship between people, buildings and architecture beyond a 3D perspective.

"A Sacred Building is a Harmonic Structure for the Transformation of the Soul. Its purpose is to remind us of our true essence and absolute connection to the universe."


Journey to the Heart of Home, The Soul Retrieval of Buildings, Sacred Sound & the Alchemy of Space, Sacred Geometry & Harmonics, Space Clearing & Aligninment, Psychic Dowsing, Feng Shui, Vastu, plus more.






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